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2C Beyond Ministries

Family Fun Zone Carnival-train churches on how to effectively use free community carnivals as an effective evangelize strategy to their community. Crafts2Go-provide ready-to-use crafts & resources for churches that enable them to effectively evangelize their community by hosting free craft days. Improve the efficiency of other registered charities by organizing free back-to-school programs with free supplies for needy children and by housinig programs of other registered charities engaged in relief of poverty.


Residential Youth Homes - Serving youth aged 16-19 who are experiencing a housing crisis and are in need of shelter and care. Youth Drop-In-Center - Serves youth 16-23. Provides a safe, accessible environment with a focus on life skills, literacy, pre-employment, counseling, hot meals, clothing and transportation. Aftercare/Transitional Support - Promotes independence for clients. Hleps youth develop a system of supports/education/employment assistance, housing, relationships, life skills, idnetiy, youth engagement and emotional healing. Base4Success/Youth Job Connect Employment Program - serves youth 15-30. Provides youth who have multiple barriers to employment with the support and case management that they need to assist them in returning to school or finding work. Family Resource Centers: Drop in programs for aprents/caregivers and children aged 0-6 Supportive Transitional Apartments for Youth (STAY) - Provides affordable housing to youth requiring minimal support. After School Programs - Serving children aged 6-12 in 13 locations across York Region Youth Outreach Programs - Service in community to connect youth to resources. Human Trafficking Program - Provides supports, including housing to youth who have been victims to Human Trafficking.
Gang Prevention and Intervention - Service in community and schools to prevent gang involvement and provide support to youth exiting those situations. Connections Emergency Housing - 14 beds available to homeless youth with a maximum stay of 4 months. Services provided include employment, counseling, housing workers, education opportunities


To provide skills training to youths consisting of young men and women ages 12-18 years of age. We support First Aid Training, Bushmasters Camp Training, Survival Training Camp weekends, Effective Speaking skills training, Citizenship skills training, Band and Marching Drill training and Sport Activities to promote Physical Education Fitness awareness. Small arms training for Marksmanship and Biathlon training. Flying Scholarship training for both Glider and Power Pilot licenses. We assist other organizations with their fundraising events such as the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 43 with their annual poppy campaign and the Fraternal Order of Eagles with their bi-weekly pancajke breakfast events. We annually participate with the city wide garbage clean-up of our city streets.

3:Sixteen Incorporated

The Charity was not active during the year, but determined that it will expand its broad of directors in the 2017 fiscal year. The board has also agreed to revise its current purposes in 2017 that focus on assisting individuals to grow in the Christian faith, distribute Bibles and related Christian literature in support of individuals growing in their Christian faith, serve individuals and families suffering from addiction. A pre-approval request containing amended purposes for review and consideration was faxed to the CRA on July 17/2017.


Craftworks supports adults living with physical disabilities and/or mental illness by developing a vibrant community through craft therapy via skills development and socialization; serving as a catalyst to decrease isolation, to empower and to engage individuals; and facilitating access to earnings opportunities. Craftworks supports participants who are unable to maintain traditional employment by offering this hybrid program that dismantles the perception that people living with physical disabilities and/or mental illness are less able to participate successfully in the social and economic life of the community. Craftworks is supported by dedicated staff and volunteers, who contribute weekly to the success of our program.